Charlie - Poster (final)

In 1968, a LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) squad is sent on a search & rescue mission.
What they encounter, is a new kind of enemy.

A Bull Witt Media Production

Directed by:  Christopher Witt
Written by:  Christopher Witt & Dave Bullis
Produced by:  Christopher Witt, Dave Bullis, Kurt Eberling Jr. , & Phil Carroll

Greg Hartwell
Friedrich Haas
Matt Strelecki
Jim Speece
Charles Romond
Eric Wearne
Benny Lo
Michael Remphrey
Barry Lee
Ryan Padden
Catherine Yedder

Concept Art  (by Emir Carlo Pongasi Fernandez – click here for more info)






Production Screen Grabs
(Cinematography by Rick Webb)

Sarge addresses Charlie Company

“Sarge” addresses Charlie Company



Charlie Company Medic - "Doc"

Charlie Company’s Medic, “Doc”

Sarge gives the orders

“Sarge” gives the orders

Charlie Company approaches the enemy

Charlie Company approaches the enemy

Sarge lines up his shot

“Sarge” lines up his shot

"Roadkill" sneaks through the brush

“Roadkill” sneaks through the brush

Something is amiss

Something is amiss

"Roadkill" no longer cares about stealth

“Roadkill” no longer cares about stealth

All is lost.

All is lost

War is hell.

War is hell.

This is different.

This is different.