Given how cynical and jaded I really am as a person (I’m pretty sure you can tell that just by these posts, if you don’t actually know me personally), not a lot of people would peg me as an occasional musical lover.  I am aware that sounded dirty.  And I am also aware that a penchant towards musicals may paint me with a rainbow colored brush, but I’m comfortable enough with myself to admit that I enjoy a good song and dance.  You can call me an F word all you want (and you can use the F to mean anything, but I was leaning towards a word that rhymes with fag).

1.  Top Hat (1935)
Director:  Mark Sandrich

Fred Astaire was the f–king man, man.

2.  Grease (1978)
Director:  Randal Keisner

I blame my sister and mother for this one.  Not sure which one had the obsession with Travolta, but I watched this way too much as a child.  After seeing this, who could possibly believe that Danny Zuko is a butt pirate??

Even after this:

3.  Guys & Dolls (1955)
Director:  Joseph Mankiewicz

I may be one of the biggest under 40 year old Frank Sinatra fans in the country.   This has Old Blue Eyes AND Marlon Brando in it.  Sure, Sinatra was too slick as “Nathan Detriot,” but f–k you.  You respect the Chairman of the Board.