There’s way too much negative energy floating around today anyways (and I’m in a good mood since I just finished building my slidecam…and it’s awesome).  So I don’t want to go on and on about movies that I hate.  That’s not really the point of all this.  It’s meant to be a positive creative exercise, forcing me to analyze my own tastes and preferences while practicing stream of consciousness writing.  So this one will be a brief one.

1.  Garden State (2004)
Director:  Zach Braff

I’ve just grown weary of Zach Braff in general.  I still love Scrubs, but that’s more due to the quality of the surrounding cast & strong writing than him as a character.  He’s always been a whiny douche.  I could get past that because he was funny.  But after this movie hit and hit big, he seemed to become an egotistical douche.  This movie is good, but not as great.  It’s hard for me to put any Natalie Portman movie up on this list (especially since she’s so adorable in this), but I just can’t listen to anyone go on and on about how great this movie is anymore.  It seems to be the cop-out, go to answer when people talk about indie film.  And I also tend to start hating things when they become uber-popular.

Like pants.  F pants.

2. Scarface (1983)
Director:  Brian De Palma

Let me make this clear, this is a great movie.  I just hate the fact that it became so unbelievably popular that people had its poster on their wall in college.  And do horrible, horrible impersonations of Pacino’s accent.  Just stop it.   I’ll probably never watch this again because the general public has ruined it for me.  You happy, general public?  This is what you wanted!

3. Wall Street (1987)
Director: Oliver Stone

Greed is not good.  Nor is the fact that Oliver Stone is overly opinionated (to put it politely).  Nor is the fact that the moral of this movie has been misconstrued and become a rally cry for the financial elite that the film attempts to be critical of.  How’s that for psycho-babble?  Just seemed like this movie emulates everything I see wrong in us, not only as a country but as a species in general.  Ambition and greed are different.

I’m a cynic who only gets more cynical, so this list is ever evolving…