I once had someone say to me, “I don’t find comedy funny.”  That statement alone is comedic gold.  But the more I try to narrow down my favorite comedy, I find it harder to decide on an actual favorite.  Comedy is extremely subjective, with my favorites changing with my mood.  Sometimes, I’m in the mood for one of the classics…Airplane, Weird Science, Major League, or Fletch.   That’s a damn fine answer if I do say so my damn self.  Other times, I’m in the mood for something a little campier like Army of Darkness or Super Troopers.   Even dark comedies like Grosse Pointe Blank and Shaun of the Dead have their place & time in my rotation.

But there’s one movie that I can’t help but watch repeatedly.   Swingers is one of those movies that I happened upon by complete blind chance.  But what I found was a movie featuring some top notch comedic actors (Ron Livingston, Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn) that was both hilarious and unbelievably heartfelt.   It’s a movie about how your friends pick you up when things go awry, something that I’ve been luckily enough to witness in my own life.  The scene where Rob (Ron Livingston) tries to talk Mike (Favreau) out of his funk after a brutally awkward series of phone messages is one of the more related and horrifyingly hilarious scenes that I’ve seen in a comedy.  Hell, even Vince Vaughn seems to be more endearing than he normally does.   It seems like his prick level was turned way down.

That being said, I still can’t name it as my favorite.  I’ve seen too many comedies that I’ve enjoy thoroughly to limit it to just one.   I was that kid that saw Mel Brooks’ entire catalog by the time I was 15.   History of the World: Part 1 is one of the more underrated films that he has made, but also happens to be one of my favorite.   The first time I saw Moses coming down the mountain with the 15 Commandments, I was sold.   Not to mention Hitler on Ice.  And how can you list all-time favorite comedies with Young Frankenstein?   That’s just blasphemy.

But if we’re listing all-time greats, how do you not list Monty Python & the Search for the Holy Grail?

Or Better Off Dead & One Crazy Summer?  How can I possibly leave off Matt Stone & Trey Parker’s brilliant South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut or Orgazmo?   Or some outright guilty pleasures, like Can’t Hardly Wait or Bio-Dome (those will be covered later)?  There is just way too much funny out there.   I am not one to limited myself to a single movie.  And everyone has their own sense of humor.   That’s the beauty of comedy, there’s something for everyone.